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How I created it

This is the place to find out how I made a specific cake that is pictured on my main blog:  http://cakeadoration.blogspot.com/
Let me know which cakes you'd like to learn the techniques from, just leave a comment to ask me questions.


Army Truck on top of the Camo Cakes!  
I've gotten alot of questions on how I did this so here it is:

First of all, when I do a truck cake that is the size of a smaller tier (not for a huge truck cake)  I always just go buy a few small Angel Food Cakes at the grocery store.  Why not make it... 2 reasons - time and density, these little Angel food cakes are just the right density and it's just easy to pick up at the store.
Here I have used two cakes, i chopped one up and used it to hold the tires ( from a toy car - next time I'd use wheels 2 x's this size) underneath the cardboard. Later you'll see how I attached them to the main cake.
At this point I take the cardboard from the cake and cut out the shape I want my car to be as a side view. 

All cut out and looking good...
Now to create the Camouflage fondant.  I took pieces of colors and put them on randomly, then rolled them out to press them in and create the look I wanted.  Here, I had already done the Green Camo layers of the other two cakes so I saved the pieces to use on the brown camo.

COver up the cake and carefully press into all the indentions.  Trip off any extra.  I was not too concerned with the very back seems because I knew they'd get kind of covered up with detail anyway.

Use other colors to cut out windows and ammunition boxes etc.

Ok - do you remember the two pieces of cake under my cardboard that were holding the wheels? I covered them in the same color Camo fondant as the Jeep so that they'd be.... you guessed it... camouflaged! :) 
Then I attached them to my cake with wooden dowels.  You ca also use straws - which are easier to cut, but not quite as sturdy.  

Then I set my cake (cardboard) on top of the two peices (You can cut down the size of the two pieces to have the tires look as though they are resting directly on the cake, but for this cake I didn't do that)
Then I secured the Jeep with more wooden dowels running  down through the center of the cake at the points where the 2 pieces of cake are under the wheels so that you wouldn't see the wooden dowels at all.  I think I used about 2 that went all the way through the cake and into the 2nd layer. And then I used one dowel that was thicker and a little longer so that it would go through to the bottom layer also.

Then I used Royal Icing to pipe on the details of the Jeep and the details on the cake.  The Dog tags are made from Fondant / Gum paste mixed and the chain is made from silver dragees - available at most craft and cake decorating stores and all over on line. The star was cut out of fondant.